ForceProof Software Suite

ForceProof software suite: Versatile and easy-to-understand environment for various materials testing needs.

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With ForceProof Tester, measuring material properties is straightforward. The application guides the user through the testing process. Reports are easy to produce from premade, editable templates.

Any test can be designed to work with ForceProof Tester – the possibilities are very versatile. Management and backing up your data is both simple and secure.

ForceProof Tester for testing that occurs on production line. No training to use the software required, it’s so simple!

The application guides the user through the testing process. Only theinformation really needed at any given situation is visible at any given time.

  • Before the test, the test author can prefill piece dimensions, and they can be edited afterwards if required
  • The testing device can be directed using a high safety level (SIL3) wireless controller
  • After the test, notes can be entered for reporting, about how the test was completed

Standards compliant reporting

It is easy to create reports about completed tests. The required report templates come with ForcePoof, and you can even roll your own! For example, adding your own organization logo is straightforward.

Test design and management

Versatile testing possibilities

  • Dynamic, static, and sequence testing
  • Pull, press, bend tests
  • Plastic, rubber, textiles, strings, cardboard, steel, etc. – let’s create exactly the tests you need!

Data management

  • Backups, database archival
  • Integration with external systems with automated CSV export of results
  • Graph point data export to spreadsheet applications, e.g. Excel, LibreOffice
  • Project hiding